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Brunei Citizen, Brunei Permanent Resident, work permit holders and dependents in Brunei.

Yes. By purchasing an Annual Travel plan, you can make unlimited trips within the policy year. But the coverage per trip is up to 90 days only.

In the event of an emergency whilst overseas, you can contact our emergency medical assistance provider, International SOS Pte Ltd (Singapore) for advice or assistance at: International SOS Pte Ltd (Singapore) 24 HOURS HOTLINE: +65 63399923

A trip must begin and end in Brunei. The cover for each trip commences from the time you leave your place of residence or business in Brunei to proceed directly to the place of embarkation in Brunei to commence travel to the intended destination(s) and ceases on whichever of the following that occurs first:

  • The expiry of the Period of Insurance specified in the policy.
  • Your return to your place of residence in Brunei.
  • 3 hours after arrival in Brunei.
  • 90 days from date of departure for Annual Policy or 185 days from date of departure for Single Trip Policy

Yes. We have optional extensions subject to underwriter's approval. If approved additional premium will be charged.

The policy does not cover claims due to any pre-existing conditions.
Definition of pre-existing conditions:-

Pre-existing Medical Condition means any injury, illness or condition:

a) For which treament, or medication, or advice, or diagnosis has been sought or received during the twelve (12) months prior to the commencement of the Policy or

b) Which was known by the insured ( or anyone insured under the Policy ) to exist prior to the commencement of the Policy whether or not treatment, or medication, or advice, or diagnosis was sought or received.

c) For annual plan policyholder, pre-existing conditions will apply to subsequent trips if an insured person has made a claim for a medical condition on a previous trip.

The loss of deposit or trip cancellation cover you on the following circumstance:
a) The unexpected death, or serious injury or serious illness or compulsory quarantine of yourself, your spouse, child, parent, parent-in law, or a travel companion that result in you being left with no travel companion.
b) Unexpected outbreak of strike or riot arising out of circumstances beyond your control at the planned destination(s)
c) Serious damage to your principal residence from fire, flood or similar natural disaster (typhoon, earthquake etc) within seven days immediately before departure date which requires your presence on the premises on the departure date.
d) Witness summons, jury service, which were not made known to you prior to the taking up of this policy.
e) Bankruptcy or insolvency of the travel agency incorporated in Brunei whom you have arranged the trip with in Brunei.
You should purchase travel insurance coverage in Brunei before commencement of the trip.

No, the Travel Protector does not cover baggage delay or misdirected upon your return trip home to Brunei Darussalam.

No. Our Travel Protector does not allow one way travel and does not cover individual who is not residing in Brunei.

If you wish to make a claim, you have to complete a claim form (obtainable from the office or online) and forward it to us with a copy of documentary proof upon your return to Brunei.